The Anglo-Argentine Society was founded in 1948.  It is a Charity registered in the United Kingdom, and its main objective is to promote cultural relations between Great Britain and Argentina and to build strong social and creative ties between the two communities. The Society also raises money to support selected charities in Argentina.

The Society is open to everyone who has a passion for Argentina regardless of his or her socio-economic status, age, ideology, gender, political inclination, or faith. To achieve the Society’s mission, we organise events to cater for the full spectrum of members and their families and friends.

The Society offers something to everyone: the annual highpoints are the popular Gran Asado Argentino, our monthly book club Leyendo Argentina, the Gala dinner, the Borges Lecture, the Christmas Party, plus a programme of concerts and lectures and much more.

We are a society entirely run by volunteers.  Please contact the Society if you would like to offer your time and help with events and projects, or to join our lively and very active committee.

We look forward to seeing you as soon as we are able to restart our programme of events.

Executive Committee 2019-2020

Julie Whitworth – Chairwoman

Marcus Smith – Vice-Chairman

Derek Gibson – Hon Treasurer

Ed Cousins – Hon Secretary

Federico Cincotta 

Kathy Gibson

Mario Mansilla

Fatima Nollen

Liliana Tiedemann

Adolfo Tuñon

Message from our Chairwoman, Julie Whitworth.

Dear Members

We hope you and your families are safe and well during these uncertain times.  

Below is the text of the letter which you will have received by now by email or in the post, from Marcus Smith, Vice-Chairman.

Saludos to all


Message from our Vice-Chairman, Marcus Smith.

Dear Members,

As Vice-Chairman, I am writing to you on behalf of the Committee of the Anglo-Argentine Society.

We had planned a truly complete programme of events and activities for 2020 but understandably this has been severely impacted by the ongoing health crisis.

The Society’s flagship Gran Asado was our first casualty, however ongoing uncertainties and developments have meant that we have gradually had to pare back all our plans for this year.

By now we were expecting to be building on the solid turnaround achieved under the stewardship of your Chair and Hon. Treasurer.

Julie Whitworth and Derek Gibson were parachuted in nearly three years ago and without a doubt have saved your Society from extinction. Their passion, hard work and deep love for the Society, along with the support of their committee, have been pivotal.

Julie was due to be stepping down at the end of her three year term but has accepted the Committee’s request that she stay on as Chair for a further twelve months. Such a move is not unprecedented and is key to the ongoing fortunes of the Society in the current circumstances. During this period under Julie’s further guidance we will be able to respond to the developing challenges presented by Covid-19 and also to set the course for the Society’s 75th birthday celebrations in 2023. 

We will soon be welcoming HE Ambassador Javier Figueroa, the new Argentine Ambassador to the UK.  The relationship that Julie has cemented with the Embassy is crucial to the health and direction of the Society.

I would like to put on record our gratitude to the former Ambassador R Carlos Sersale di Cerisano for having invited us to have our office in the Embassy.  We also thank Consul General Adjunto Gonzalo Ortiz de Zárate for being the Embassy’s representative on the committee.

Your Committee has remained fully active since the start of lockdown, meeting virtually and with almost daily communication. I should here also highlight the role of the Society, coordinated by the very capable Adolfo Tuñon, in assisting the Argentines that were stranded here in the UK when the crisis started to unfold.

Our life blood is our Membership and we are making plans that will recognise the culture and history of the Society. All our Members will have a role in this, as we collect family stories and experiences. There is a wealth of expertise and knowledge that we want to preserve and share. To prepare this snapshot of our unique Membership we shall be writing to you all in the coming weeks.

With the loss of fundraising events such as the Gran Asado, the Rifa (made possible only by Liliana Tiedemann’s tireless work over all these years) and the Gala Dinner we are more dependent than ever on membership subscriptions to cover our fixed costs.

We recognise that these are truly complicated times; we have each been impacted in so many different ways since March and we have no firmer idea as to when the situation is likely to ease.

We feel certain that we are joined by our Membership in the desire to see the Society reach its 75th birthday on a sound footing. Until we are able to resume our normal income generating activities we would be truly grateful if Members were to renew their membership for 2020/21 which will remain unchanged on 2019/2021.

By way of the “Proyecto 75” that will gradually be taking shape, we have a great deal in the pipeline that will take us well beyond our 75th Birthday. We are sincerely hopeful that you will accompany us on this journey.

I have mentioned some members of your Committee – we are a well-balanced body with each of us offering different skills and experience. Ed Cousins as Hon. Secretary continues to provide sound advice on all our responsibilities. Our more recent additions to the Committee are: Fatima Nollen, who has shown such energy assisting with events and contributing ideas for the future of the Society, and, crucially, helping with the Society’s communications. Kathy Gibson’s professional experience in compliance confirms her as another safe pair of hands. As a qualified lawyer, both here in the UK and in Argentina, Federico Cincotta has given us extra depth.  We are very pleased that Mario Mansilla and Liliana Tiedemann have returned to the committee, having been active members of it in the 2000s.

We shall remain in continuous contact but please do put the 20th June 2021, Dia de la Bandera, in your diary for the Gran Asado next year.

Kindest regards,

Marcus Smith

The Anglo-Argentine Society