The Anglo-Argentine Society was founded in 1948 and, as a Charity registered in the United Kingdom, its main objective is to promote cultural and professional relations between Great Britain and Argentina in order to build strong social and creative ties between the two communities. The Society also raises money to support selected charities in Argentina.

The AAS is open to everyone who has a passion for Argentina regardless of his or her socio-economic status, age, ideology, gender, political inclination, or faith. In order to achieve the Society’s mission, numerous events are organized every year to cater for the full spectrum of members and associated friends.

The Society offers something to everyone, from our regular and traditional events, such as the popular Gran Asado Argentino, the Borges Lecture, the Christmas Party, and the Truco Tournament, to new events in such areas as the arts, ceremonial, children, and others.

Honorary President of the Anglo-Argentine Society
H.E. The Argentine Ambassador

Vice President (Former Chairman) of the Anglo-Argentine Society
Viscount Montgomery of Alamein C.B.E

Executive Committee

As of November 2015:

  • Dr Judith A. Cherni (Chairman)
  • Mr Rodolfo Milesi (Vice Chairman)
  • Mr Roy Musselbrook (Vice Chairman)
  • Mrs Katherine Dew (Hon Secretary)
  • Mr Owain Hughes (Hon Treasurer)

They are supported by other members of the executive committee namely:

  • Ms Micaela Jenkins
  • Mr Salvador Mellino
  • Ms Liliana Tiedemann
  • Ms Carla Rossi
  • Ms Maria Rawe
  • Mr Diego Desmoures

Co-opted Members to the Committee: Betsabeh

Secretary: Mrs Guadalupe La Colla

Charitable giving

AAS is currently supporting Alegria Ahora Foundation, (Cordoba, Argentina) which provides primary school education and comprehensive support to youths and adults who, due to severe poverty, could never attend school or were unable to finish it.

 If you wish to know more about Alegria Ahora, go to AAS Charities window


Current membership is approximately 650. The AAS also reaches many Associated Friends.

The demographic mix of the membership has been changing and is now giving a more balanced figure between Argentines and British citizens. This is also being reflected in the make-up of the Committee.

The age structure of the Society is also changing, with more young people taking up membership. This change which is currently taking place is both very welcome and healthy for the longer term aims and aspirations of the Society. This trend also continues in the healthy younger age mix of the Committee members.