About Us

The Anglo-Argentine Society was founded in 1948 and, as a Charity registered in the United Kingdom, its main objective is to promote cultural and professional relations between Great Britain and Argentina in order to build strong social and creative ties between the two communities. The Society also raises money to support selected charities in Argentina.

The AAS is open to everyone who has a passion for Argentina regardless of his or her socio-economic status, age, ideology, gender, political inclination, or faith. In order to achieve the Society’s mission, numerous events are organized every year to cater for the full spectrum of members and associated friends.

The Society offers something to everyone, from our regular and traditional events, such as the popular Gran Asado Argentino, the Borges Lecture, the Christmas Party, and the Truco Tournament, to new events in such areas as the arts, ceremonial, children, and others.

Honorary President of the Anglo-Argentine Society
H.E. The Argentine Ambassador

Vice President (Former Chairman) of the Anglo-Argentine Society
Viscount Montgomery of Alamein C.B.E

Executive Committee

Executive Committee 2017


• Dr Judith A. Cherni (Chairman)

• Mr Rodolfo Milesi (Vice Chairman)

• Mr Roy Musselbrook (Vice Chairman)


They are supported by other members of the executive committee namely:


• Ms Micaela Jenkins

• Mr Ramiro San Roman

• Ms Betsabe Pedutto

• Ms Laura Fernandez

• Mr Edward Cousins

• Mr Adolfo Tunon

• Mrs Claudia Morales

• Mr Diego Desmoures


Co-opted Members to the Committee: 

• Maria Ofelia Bourdette

Secretary: Mrs Guadalupe La Colla

Letter from the AAS Chairman, Dr. Judith Cherni:

Dear Members,
It is a huge honour and pleasure to introduce myself as the newly elected Chair of the 22nd Committee of the Anglo Argentine Society.

I wish to thank both, John Wilson for his exemplary chairing of the Society during the last four years, and the outgoing vice-Chair, Eddie de Oliveira.

I am now ready and keen to put my experience, capacity, interest and time in the service of the Society and its members. I pledge to lead the Society into further success and ensure its continuation in the future after I have completed my mandate.

I know that there would be a lot to learn. It gives me great assurance to know that I will be chairing a fantastic and highly motivated Committee. Not least important is for me to also rely on a strong core of dedicated and kind people who are involved with the Society and who would be able to provide me with advice and support.

My vision is to lead the Society by all possible means to continue the remarkable work done by our outgoing Chair and that of all who preceded him by making the AAS the most important and professional point of reference in the United Kingdom for everyone who has a passion for Argentina regardless of socio-economic status, stage in life, gender, age, ideology, political inclination, or faith.

My aim is that current and prospective members see the AAS as a rewarding and unique organization, and that all the members of the committee are happy and proud to be in it. Thank you very much for your trust and support and I much look forward to seeing you soon.
With best wishes,
Dr Judith A Cherni AAS Chairman

Charitable giving

AAS is currently supporting Alegria Ahora Foundation, (Cordoba, Argentina) which provides primary school education and comprehensive support to youths and adults who, due to severe poverty, could never attend school or were unable to finish it.



The demographic and age structure of our members and associated friends has been continually changing. The Society embraces a unique mix of Anglo-Argentine, British and Argentine citizens, where senior and young members interact creatively – something that is also reflected on the Executive Committee make-up.  New members have joined the society lately, including a generation of young Argentine men and women who consider the Society the ideal forum for networking, supporting in this way the long term aspirations of the AAS.