BORGES LECTURE on February 12th, 2019, at the Argentine Embassy in London

The Society’s 24th Borges Lecture, “The Labyrinth of Letters”, by Henry Eliot was given to a packed audience in the Sarmiento Room in the Argentine Embassy.  We are grateful to the Embassy and to Canning House for co-presenting the lecture together with the Society.  The event was over-subscribed and there was standing room only.  Henry Eliot is Creative Editor at Penguin Books and author of three books, one of which formed the starting point of the lecture: “Follow This Thread: A Maze Book to get lost in”.  Henry led us through mazes and labyrinths, both literal and imagined, linking the journey with the works of Borges in a truly inspiring talk.  The text of the lecture will be available soon.  To find out more about the Borges Lectures please contact the Society.