welcome to the AAS
We promote cultural, social and professional relations between Great Britain and Argentina
We share the stories and values that mean the most to both cultures.
We look into the future with our own distinct voice.
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Welcome to the AAS

Who we are

The AAS is a registered Charity based in London. Our main objective is to promote friendship and understanding between the people of Britain and Argentina. Thought all our activities we hope to widen our net as well as our horizons to fulfill our commitment with both countries. Be part of our story.

What we do

We host cultural events and activities giving members the oportunity to meet, participate and collaborate. Our varied activities includes from wine tastings to the annual Asado and the Ambassador Gala Dinner. Membership is opened to everyone interested in what we do.

Charitable Objective

At the heart of the society lies the charitable activity that makes us destinate part of our resources to encourage educational help to particular communities in Argentina, with emphasis in the support of children and young people.

© 2017 UK Registered Charity Number: 208002