Argentina – A Modern History. By Jill Hedges


A Modern History

Jill Hedges

Published in Hardback by I.B.Tauris – 14 July 2011 – Priced £29.50 – 336pp – ISBN 9781848856547

With the spotlight back on Cristina Kirchner and politics in Argentina, Jill Hedges’ unique analysis of Peronism offers readers an opportunity to trace the larger context of this political phenomenon

In the early 20th century, Argentina possessed one of the world’s most prosperous economies, yet since then Argentina has suffered a series of boom-and-bust cycles that have seen it fall well behind its regional neighbours. At the same time, despite the lack of significant ethnic or linguistic divisions, Argentina has failed to create an over-arching post-independence national identity and its political and social history has been marred by friction, violence and a 50-year series of military coups d’état. In this book, Jill Hedges analyses the modern history of Argentina from the adoption of the 1853 constitution until the present day, exploring political, economic and social aspects of Argentina’s recent past in a study which will be invaluable for anyone interested in South American history and politics.

‘Jill Hedges tells the story of Argentina clearly. There is considerable emphasis given to the careers and calculations of the ruling strata, particularly the political careers of Juan Domingo Peron and his wives Evita and Isabelita. This is a concise, well-informed, and highly readable one-volume history.’

Laurence Whitehead, Nuffield College, Oxford

‘Jill Hedges here provides a fact-laden and accurate political history that will be helpful to students of contemporary Argentina. She covers all of the key political movements – Liberalism, Radicalism, Peronism – while shedding particularly useful light on such institutions as the Church and the military. Her explanations of the twists and turns in Argentine economic policy are thorough and clear.’

Matthew B. Karush, George Mason University

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