Talk by Jill Hedges on: “Argentina – A Modern History”

(Wednesday 12th October)

The talk given by Jill Hedges entitled “Argentina – A Modern History” took place at Canning House to coincide with the inaugural launch of her book entitled same. There was a good and varied attendance spanning the age spectrum, and some very interesting questions were asked in the Q&A session after the talk. This was followed with a glass of wine and some light refreshments, which further lent itself to lively, interesting and amicable discussions taking place amongst the participating audience. Jill Hedges was also on hand to autograph the many books that were sold afterwards.

The event was further embellished by the wonderful display at Canning House of some excellent photos featuring the work of Eva Perón’s personal photographer from 1947 up to her death in 1952. This exhibition included some priceless images of Evita that demonstrated the other side of her nature and, at the same time, recounted the history of this iconic figure.

All in all it was a very successful and enjoyable event with a wide and varied audience. If anyone was unable to attend but would still like to purchase a copy of Jill Hedge’s book, this can still be purchased through the Society at a price of £29-50p plus £3-50p postage and packaging.