Gordon Bridger Talk – Oct 2011

The Gordon Bridger Talk held at Canning House was extremely interesting and captivated a mixed age audience throughout.  This was then followed by a enthusiastic Q&A session .  Unfortunately the adverse weather conditions prevailing that evening meant that several people who had wanted to attend the event were unable to do so.  However, for those that did attend, a very social mood prevailed afterwards over drinks and some wonderful canapés prepared by Marisa Murphy.

Gordon Bridger was born and brought up in Argentina and went to St. Albans College.  He subsequently studied economics at the London School of Economics and at Manchester University.  He then worked in both Africa and Latin America as a development economist for the United Nations Economic Commission in those regions.  He later became a Director of Economics in the British Government’s   ‘Foreign Aid Programme’.   Whilst his work took him to many countries, he has always retained a major interest in Latin America and Argentina in particular.   Gordon’s talk was centred around his latest book about Britain and the Britishers contribution to the making of the modern Argentina.    The book is to be published at the beginning of next year (2012) and further details on this, the pricing and how to obtain a copy, will be posted on our website.   All the proceeds from this book will be given to Charity.  On sale for £5 and £10 respectively at the event were also copies of Gordon’s two recent books which are still available for sale through the Society.