Asado 2012 – Thank you from the organiser!

Dear Members,
I would like  to thank everyone as follows for their support and help in making the Asado 2012  so successful:
Our Sponsors: Steamond Travel and British Airways, Gaucho, Pampas Plains, Computers Inc for providing all the music and sound system, David Palmer for the cruzes and  Reward-it Limited for the Wristbands
For the Raffle prizes:
Ascot Park Polo Club
Confederacion Argentina de Jockey (Las Leonas)
Garufa Restaurant
Guards Polo Club
Heather Jewell
Huracán Football Club
Moo Restaurant
South American Wines on Line (Keith Johnson)
Dominic Miller
Chango Empanadas
Lomito Restaurant
Mrs Alba Steiner
The Committee : Marilita,  Paula Sansea, Julietta Herrero, Katherine Botes, Eddie D’Oliviera, Sarah Cousins, Peter Black, Peter Rumboll and Henry May
Oliver Cousins and Gloria Parfitt for running the Society Cantina.
Axel Oudijk from Computers Inc Limited providing the sound system and music.
Ania Stozpel from Pampas Plains
The entertainment:
Analia Sanchez, Viviana Calderara, Virgina Cheli, Nancy Ramirez, Chantal from Words and Words
Corina Piatti  tango singer
Luis Seygas and El Gaucho Restaurant for the fantastic boledora dance show.
Kat Gorna and Steve Wilkes from Tango Paseo
Laura Altuve and Cristian Petitto  from
Jennifer Southwell
Marcella Edbrooke
Peter Edbrooke
Tim Rumboll
Maitina Rumboll
Marisa and Kevin Murphy for organising the choripan
Nelly de Oliveira
Derek Potts
Margaret Sayers,
Linda Wilson
Heather Jewell
Jean Holmes
The Asadores, Carver and Servers:
Fiona Rumboll
Peter McCarthy
John Zareba
Nico Rumboll
Nico Powell
Ronald Gibson                  
James Gibson
Christian Raben
Ivan Boonzaaier
Niall Flaharty
Richard Follett
Sheila Whitehouse
Jen Boonzaaier
Georgie Gibson
Juan Pavez
Cynthia Pavez
Rosie Lindsell
Peter Edbrooke
Tim Rumboll
Dennis Mount
Richard Grace
Peter Seward
Nicholas Rumboll
Peter McCarthy
John Zareba      
Nico Powell                                       
St John’s Ambulance
Tim Bale and all at Esher Rugby Club
Thanks very much to all of you.
Annabelle Wood.