Fundación Grupo San Felipe News

An update from Fundacion Grupo San Felipe:


First, I thought it interesting to share a little statistics with you in order to celebrate our achievements. The AAS helped us during the last years and therefore you can feel proud of being part of our accomplishments!!

 Until now, we had granted 31 scholarships! As you know, some scholarships are given to students from Añatuya (Province of Santiago del Estero) and others to students from Retiro (Villa 31, City of Buenos Aires).

 From those 31 students: 9 finished their studies and got their diplomas (6 from Añatuya and 3 from Retiro); 15 are still attending classes and/or finishing their exams (8 from Añatuya and 7 from Retiro); and 7 could not complete their studies.

 One of the students who finished her studies last August is Soledad Mojica (one of the AAS donations was destined to cover her scholarship!!). She obtained the title of “Técnico Superior Contable Impositivo” (“Senior Technician in Accountancy and Taxation”) from the Catholic Institute of Superior Studies which belongs to the Catholic University of Santiago del Estero.

We also have 15 tutors who are in charge of following up and assisting each of the current scholars. From these 15 tutors, 14 are volunteers from Buenos Aires and 1 of them is an ex-scholar from Añatuya who wanted to give something back to Grupo San Felipe and his community. And this is one of the most important and encouraging things can happen!


 We keep on doing our 5 visits to Añatuya (we stay there from Saturday morning until Sunday night). We do this through groups formed by 10 volunteers and, of course, we try to rotate these groups so as to let as many of the 60 volunteers that form Grupo San Felipe participate at least once a year. Some 80 students attend each of this weekend visits.

 We also celebrated the “Añatuya Sabe 2012” competition. This is the competition in which approximately a 100 students from different schools form groups of 5 to compete in a “jeopardy style” knowledge competition were we asked them about different subjects (i.e. mathematics, history, geography, physics, literature, etc.) and the winner is awarded a trip to the Cordoba Space Centre! (we attached a picture with the volunteers that attended the 2012 competition).

 Next November we will have the “Mi Barrio Sabe 2012” which is the same competition as “Añatuya Sabe” but in Retiro.

 We are working on setting up a commission that will be in charge of “Careers and Employability”.

 Last but not the least, we also had a “cultural weekend” with scholars from Añatuya and Retiro who joined us for a visit to a Museum, Plaza de Mayo, the Buenos Aires Cathedral, the “Casa Rosada”, the Planetarium (we attached a picture of it), Colon Theatre and a fantastic dinner with many volunteers of the Fundacion Grupo San Felipe.